How to measure your finger for rings and ring sizes

Rings and Ring Sizes…

How to measure your finger for rings and ring sizes? We get it, it can be really tricky to work out your size. But don’t worry, follow our simple ring measuring and size guide and you can’t go wrong.

Download our Ring Sizer Guide

With our downloadable Ring Sizer Guide you can easily use one of your existing rings to work out what size to order on our website. 

Alternatively you can physically measure your finger using our guide below

Note: Our rings are returnable so if you do order the wrong size, don’t worry! It’s easy to return and get a refund – you can find our Returns Policy here.

Our ring sizes:

L-L1/2 (circumference approx. 52.5mm) | M1/2-N (circumference approx. 55.1mm) | O1/2 (circumference approx. 56.3mm) | P (circumference approx. 57.6mm) | T1/2 (circumference approx. 62.2mm) | V (circumference approx. 63.4mm) 

Measuring your ring size

First things first – the basics

  • Take a look at your knuckle. Might sound odd, but if your knuckles are on the slightly larger side you should look at ordering a size larger than that shown on your finger measurement. This will ensure that your ring can slide down onto your finger without bother.
  • Alternatively, if you have a ring that already fits perfectly, just measure it and use that measurement!

Ring size measuring

There are loads of ways to do this, but this is our favourite tried and tested method.

  1. Take a piece of string or ribbon (dental floss also works!).
  2. Wrap it around the base of your chosen ring finger.
  3. Mark the string/ribbon with a pen where the string/ribbon first overlaps.
  4. Using a measuring tape or ruler, stretch out the string/ribbon in a line. Against the tape/ruler measure the length of the string/ribbon up to the pen mark.

Tip: Be careful not to stretch your string/ribbon too much, as they can stretch out of shape and end up being longer than your required measurement.

  • Write down the length in millimetres.
  • Check out the sizing information for your chosen ring on our website. Find the closest “circumference” measurement to your string length. If in doubt, get in touch at

As a guide, the average women’s ring (UK) sizes are L to O (or 52 to 56 in EU sizes). Your ring size may be smaller or larger than this, but this is a good guide to know you are measuring correctly.

Note: Rather confusingly, different countries use different names for ring sizes. For example in the EU, generally, a number like 52 or 54 is used, in the USA a number like 6 or 7 is used, and in the UK a letter like L or M is used. These might all be the same measurement but called something different. That said, as long as you know the “circumference” measurement of your finger, you can check the actual measurements stated for the ring you are buying. All reputable jewellers should be able to tell you the actual “circumference” measurement in addition to the normal name they use for that size.