Yes, you can enjoy your gorgeous FiorSó jewellery with a clear conscience!! 

We believe that a jewellery brand can produce luxurious pieces whilst at the same time being eco-conscious.

This is why we strive to ensure that our environmental footprint is as low, as sustainable and as ethical as possible.

…And that is why our Sustainability Policy takes us from Production through to Packaging

The majority of our jewellery pieces are designed and made at our studio in Kerry in small production runs or made to order so there is very little wastage.  

We use recycled gold as much as possible in our pieces, meaning we are re-using and re-purposing existing gold bullion.

We operate a paperless-first system. This means we actively limit the amount of printing and paper we use in our business.

We use as much sustainable packaging as possible. 

  • Our e-commerce boxes are produced in the EU, keeping our carbon footprint low. They are also FSC* certified and recyclable.
  • Our tissue paper is SFI* certified, contains a high recycled content, is recyclable and is made using chlorine free pulp (thereby reducing harmful bi-products).
  • Our jewellery boxes are very high quality, allowing them to be re-used for years as safe, tarnish free jewellery storage compartments for FiorSó jewellery and any other jewellery.
  • Our postal mail bags are fully biodegradable and do not leave any nasty chemical residue as they breakdown.
  • Our business cards + postcards are made in the EU, and are FSC* certified and recyclable.
  • Our stickers are made in the EU and are recyclable.

* FSC-certified guarantees that all materials come from an FSC® forest, where no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce. This means better protection of the animal- and plant life, and all foresters have proper training, safety equipment and a decent wage. See for more information.

* SFI-certified means the Sustainable Forestry Initiative have certified the product as coming from sustainably managed forest.

When sourcing raw products/packaging, we give preference to Irish, UK, EU suppliers (even where the cost is more expensive than other alternatives) so as to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. Where suppliers are used from further afield, we seek where possible confirmations of compliance with local environmental, and health and safety laws.

Finally, but certainly not least, we are continually looking to improve our sustainability impact, by sourcing sustainable alternatives throughout our business on an on-going basis.

You can also read about our inclusion in Brown Thomas’ Sustainability Edit as part of Create 2022 and 2023, in recognition of our sustainable status.