calla lilies jewellery collection

Love Art Nouveau jewellery? It’s the inspiration for our Calla Lilies Collection

Calla lilies are one. of the most majestic flowers (in our humble opinion!). 

They have adorned entrances to grand homes for many eras, and have been popular subjects in high-end art, jewellery  and design. 

This was particularly so in Art Nouveau period (circa 1980s-1914).

Calla Lilies and Art Nouveau

Calla lilies were early photographic subjects, way back in the 1890s, for photographers like William A. Fraser. 

They were popular painting subjects for well-known artists like Maria Dewing at the turn of the 19th century.

And – of course – they were very popular in jewellery. Like the stunning pieces of jewellers Meyle and Mayer.

In short, calla lilies captured the imagination of the Art Nouveau world. 

calla lily photograph art nouveau
metle and mayer calla lily jewellery pendant

Why were calla lilies so popular in the Art Nouveau period?

Well, it’s difficult to say for certain, but we think it was the gentle, elegant curve of the calla lily petal that was so enthralling. A shape that suited the Art Nouveau aesthetic of asymmetry, curves and plant-like forms.

Our Calla Lilies Collection

So inspired by this beautifully curved petal, we created our Calla Lilies Collection – and paired our lilies with beuatiful irridescent pearls. 

Sooooo Art Nouveau.


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