anodised aluminium and gold earrings

Beauty of aluminium + gold – SS23 Industrial Collection by FiorSó

Introducing our new SS23 Industrial Collection – inspired by the novel use of alternative materials, like aluminium, in Art Deco architecture and design.

We’ve paired beautifully coloured anodised aluminium pieces with gold-tones for this special collection. Creating the most exquisite combination of colours.

Tell us more about the Industrial Collection

It’s inspired by the use of ‘new’ materials, like aluminium, in Art Deco architecture.

Each piece of jewellery has been created with a streamlined geometric design in mind. Each showcases a unique and beautiful piece of aluminium that has been vibrantly coloured through a specialised anodising process.

The beauty of each piece of aluminium is enhanced by its ‘industrial features’ – the individual cut lines and markings which can be seen through the beautiful colours.

This makes each piece of jewellery truly unique and dynamic in texture and colour depending on how the light hits it.

red anodised aluminium and gold large hoop earrings one facing up and one facing down

Why was aluminium popular in the Art Deco era?

Aluminium was one of the most prominent ‘new’ materials used in Art Deco architecture.

It was a novel material at the time and was seen as a symbol of modernity and progress. It was also very lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for use in buildings – and it was easy to work with.

All these things made it an exciting material for architects to create intricate designs and decorative elements that were not possible with other materials.

Aluminium’s reflective properties also made it perfect for adding a touch of glamour and luxury. It was often used in decorative elements such as window frames, doors, and staircases, as well as sculptures and other artworks that were featured in Art Deco buildings.

A great example of this is the Empire State Building in New York.

What else was aluminium used for?

In addition to its use in architecture, aluminium was also used more broadly in Art Deco design.

From decorative items to household objects, aluminium’s ability to create sleek, streamlined designs that were in keeping with the Art Deco aesthetic made it a popular choice for the era.

What is anodised aluminium?

Anodised aluminium has gone through an anodising process.

The aluminium is first immersed in an electrolytic solution. An electric current is then passed through the solution. This causes the aluminium to oxidize and form a thick layer on the surface. By adding colours to the solution we can create all sorts of beautifully coloured shades of aluminium.

The beauty of this process is that it allows the beautiful silky texture of the aluminium to come through – at the same time allowing stunning shades of colour to be applied to the metal.