front facing model wearing pink and gold cherry blossom threader earrings and pink and gold cherry blossom necklace

Dreams of Reverie…jewellery inspiration

I spent a year in Paris during my university course and I remember it like yesterday. 

As students we had a decent amount of time on our hands! My friends and I would stroll along the River Seine during the warm spring and summer months.

Pink blossom petals would parachute from the tall trees and gently surf on the breeze. Vendors would line the banks of the river selling their wares, including reproductions of famous Art Nouveau lithograph prints….prints peppered with dream-link floral imagery.

One image in particular stayed with me – the ‘Reverie’ lithograph print by Aphonse Mucha in 1897.

You’ll have seen it before – it’s one of the most iconic images of the Art Nouveau era.

A beautiful day dreaming young woman sits surrounded by swirling florals in pinks, yellows, and greens.

Originally intended to be used in a company calendar, the image became and immediate hit with the public and became famous in its own right!

The poster’s soft swirling lines, the botanical imagery, and the dream-like quality (indeed ‘Reverie’ means ‘day-dream’ in French) strike a chord with all those who see it. The epitome of Art Nouveau design.

reverie by alphonse mucha art nouveau lithograph poster

…and it’s with this inspiration, and the associated warm memories of my student days in Paris, that gave birth to our ethereal floral Reverie Collection!


Reverie by Alphonse Mucha

Reverie, 1897 – Alphonse Mucha –