Caring for your FiorSó jewellery

caring for your jewellery jewelry resin enamel and metal

Our jewellery is designed to last – and all our pieces come carefully hand-coated in professional jewellers wax to slow tarnishing. But at the end of the day all jewellery needs some care and attention. So here’s our recommendations for jewellery care – metals and enamel resins.

General jewellery care

We recommend that you remove your jewellery when:

  • bathing / showering
  • swimming
  • applying perfumes / lotions
Tip: Keep your jewellery in its FiorSó jewellery box. Keeping it out of direct light and air will help your jewellery stay fresh. It will also help slow tarnishing and inadvertent surface damage to your jewellery.

Metal jewellery care

All metal tarnishes over time, even the best quality metal. If your jewellery starts to discolour in any way, don’t worry! This is just a layer of tarnish, caused by skin oils, pollution, and general wear. 

Use your small FiorSó jewellery cloth, or another soft cotton or microfibre cloth and give the metal a good buff. You will see black coming off onto the cloth – that’s the tarnish! You will see your piece quickly transform back to its beautiful shine. 

We recommend using a dry cloth for this. However, for stubborn tarnish, you can use…wait for it…a tiny bit of ketchup or tomato puree, leave on for 10 minutes or so, and rub off. This should remove any really stubborn tarnish!

Enamel jewellery care

Whilst our enamel resin is very durable, it does need some extra special care.

For any enamel elements of your jewellery keep it away from:

  • extreme heat
  • prolonged sunlight exposure 
  • sharp objects
  • harsh chemicals (like acetone)
  • submerging in liquids

Tip: Storing your jewellery in your FiorSó jewellery box when not wearing it will help you avoid the above.

Oils (including skin and hair oils) can also make the enamel turn dull. This can usually be removed using your small FiorSó jewellery cloth, or another soft cotton or microfibre cloth. For more stubborn oils, we find that using a tiny bit of dish soap (like washing up liquid) mixed with warm water, and giving the enamel area a gentle rub with this works well. Gently wipe clean with a damp cloth, dry off and store away. 

If you have any questions about jewellery care (general, for metals and enamel resins) just drop us an email at