Earrings, earrings, earrings… a history of earrings! Here at FiorSó we love earrings! We design them, we make them, we sell them, we wear them – and in our opinion earrings are the most wonderful pieces of jewellery for showcasing beautiful designs and colours. But what

Jewellery or jewelry, which is correct – check out our blog below for the origin and history of these words. So which is it – jewellery or jewelry? A question I’m sure many of us have googled at some point. Simply put: jewellery is the Britis

Our hallmarked jewellery is hallmarked at the Company of Goldsmiths of Dublin Assay Office. This is known in the industry as the Dublin Assay Office. FiorSó is also officially registered with the Dublin Assay Office.  What is the Dublin Assay Office? The Dublin Assay Office

We hear about gold jewellery – but what is the difference between gold, gold filled or gold plated? There are so many types of gold jewellery out there, have you ever wondered what all the descriptions mean? One that puzzles many is the difference between “gold filled”