Our Designer + Founder

Sara Ross

FiorSó was set up in 2021 by Sara Ross.

The journey started a couple of years ago when Sara’s youngest child was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. She took time out to care for her child and during that time she started to seriously think about pursuing her long held passion for creative arts and in particular, jewellery.

I'd always admired people who pursued their creative passions. I've always been creative and it's something I had dreamed about but never thought I'd do.

Then my youngest was diagnosed and everything stopped. I took time out to care her. Suddenly my whole family and I were looking a life with a renewed perspective - one that put fulfilment and family at the heart of it.


With that in mind, and despite looking at starting a business in the midst of a global Pandemic, Sara was undeterred and launched FiorSó last year following her child’s recovery. The brand has gone from strength to strength since + is now a family business.


Our Brand + Ethos

Pronounced “fee-er-so”, the name FiorSo is a modern fusion of the Irish words Fior meaning “real/true” and Só meaning “luxury”.  The name captures our style + ethos.

Luxury runs through our whole brand. We make premium design-led jewellery, handcrafted using the highest quality materials.

But it's not just in the jewellery. All our orders come gift wrapped so even if you are making a gift to yourself the unwrapping experience is special.

Sustainability is also one of our core values. We follow a Sustainability Policy from production through to packaging. For example our pieces are created in small batches with little wastage and we use sustainable packaging. We also use recycled gold where possible.

In a world of mass production, this kind of slow production is a luxury and sustainable. It's the opposite of fast and generic fashion. You pay a bit more but you know what you are getting.

Our Style + Design Process

Our aesthetic is vibrant and confident. We love gold and silver paired with colourful resin enamelling and coloured pearls. Whilst contemporary, our designs often echo eras of the past.

I try to draw out the essence of an era. I do a lot of historical research - on fashion, but also on politics and social change. You can learn a lot about why certain styles emerged from what was going on politically and socially. For example the trend for women's decorative earrings re-emerged in the Art Deco era because women were becoming more socially liberated, started cutting their hair short and so needed to adorn their ears!

FiorSó x Brown Thomas

This Summer we were delighted to be invited by Brown Thomas to launch an exclusive collection in their flagship Grafton Street store in Dublin, as part of Create 2023 – our Glō Collection is a new take on our popular Deco Classic Collection, but this time paired with delicious neon enamels. It’s been flying off the shelves all Summer and has received some impressive reviews in the press!

This follows the success of our 2022 exclusive collection for Brown Thomas, our Reverie Collection – a romantic collection of floral earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings in shades of pink, blue and yellow, designed using ornamental organic lines – like those used in art and posters throughout the Art Nouveau era.

What’s New?

We’re delighted that our new AW23 Glō Collection is now available on our website since 8.9.23, following it’s successful launch at Brown Thomas’ Dublin flagship store this Summer! It’s a departure from our popular SS23 Industrial Collection inspired by the novel use of aluminium in Art Deco architecture and design. 

Don’t forget our other fabulous collections are also available: Deco ClassicBridal , Calla Lilies + Reverie.